Bromley House Library

Established 1816

Exhibition Space

GalleryBromley House Gallery is housed in the imposing entrance hall of the library, and has been in existence since 2011, when, as part of the refurbishment of our hallway, a picture hanging and lighting system was installed. There is also additional wall hanging space and a display cabinet in the gallery.

The gallery is primarily for members’ enjoyment, and we try to show a variety of exhibitions: photography, painting, print and other two dimensional media. We also now use the gallery for our annual members’ open exhibition, which has been running since 2005.

Many artists and photographers exhibit at Bromley House by invitation, but we also make the gallery available for hire to both members and non-members of the library. Although Bromley House is a private members’ library with well over 1000 members, and does not normally allow access to the general public, non-members can be admitted to the gallery by arrangement with the artist.

Please contact Nicola Rae at the Library for further details