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Established 1816


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Rules & Bye-Laws


Rules and Byelaws
1. Opening Hours
Hours of opening are as stated by the library.
Members are requested to leave promptly at closing time to enable staff to vacate the
premises on time.
2. Loan regulations
2a A member may have up to 10 books or other items on loan at any one time, of which no
more than 2 may be “new” (purchased within the previous 12 months) and “new” books
must be returned within 14 days. Older books should be returned within 1 month of issue.
2b A book may be renewed by telephone or email or in person before the expiration of the
loan period, provided that no other member has reserved it.
2c Library material borrowed by members should not be lent to non-members and books
should not be directly passed to other members, but returned to the Library for re-issue.
2d Members should not take a book or any other item from the library unless it has been
properly entered in the loans register.
2e Books in the locked cabinets and certain other books as specified by the librarian are
available for reference only in the Library. In the interests of conservation these books
should be handled with great care and with staff assistance.
3. Loss and damage to library material
3a A member who loses or materially damages any book, or other item, shall replace the
whole work in a complete state, retaining the damaged item, or pay the full value thereof.
A book remains the responsibility of the member until it is returned to staff at the issue
3b Members should not deface books or periodicals in any way, this includes writing or
making marks of any sort or removing items from periodicals.
4. Access and use of the building
4a Members are requested to announce their visit at the Intercom on the entry door and
ensure that the door is securely closed after them. Members should not admit other
4b Visitors should be accompanied at all times.
4c No dogs are allowed in the Library (except Guide Dogs).
4d No smoking is allowed in the Library or in the garden.
4e Please set mobile phones to silent and make or take calls only in the hallway or garden.
Please ensure your phone or other device does not disturb other members.
4f Laptops may be used in rooms where they will not disturb other people, in accordance with our policy.
4g In the interests of safety, there should be not more than one person at a time on the spiral staircase.
4h The wooden library steps are for the use of the staff only. The library will not be liable for any accident where these rules are not adhered to.
5. Membership
5a Membership allows the member, any resident adult family and guests use of the services and facilities of the library. A member who brings anyone under the age of 16 into the library must accompany that person at all times.
5b A category of country membership is available to those with a main residential address over fifty miles from the library.
5c Individual membership is available for young people from the age of 18 – 25 years.
6. Applications for membership.
Membership of the Library is open to all on payment of the annual subscription, subject to the following provisos:
6a Prospective members are required to provide evidence of identification and place of residence as well as two independent references as to their bone fide status.
6b Prospective members are invited to an introductory tour of the library to view its specialised collections and facilities so as to ensure that they meet their requirements.
6c As the physical capacity of the Library building is limited by both fire regulations and by its fragile historic structure, membership numbers need to be restricted to such a level as to allow for everyday library activities and special events to take place in comfort and safety. The Library may from time to time limit the number of members and/or the rate of intake of new members, in which case a waiting list may be established and members accepted on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
6d The Board reserves the right to decline membership to a prospective applicant (including his or her family) if it feels that, in the light of the information available to it at the time, their membership would not be in the best interests of the Library, its buildings, collections or other assets
7. Subscriptions
7a The annual subscription, at a rate determined by the Directors, shall be due on the first day of April each year.
7b Any member whose subscription is in arrears for 6 weeks may have their use of the Library suspended until payment is made. The Librarian shall give written notice to every member whose subscription is still unpaid by 21st May
7c Where the annual subscription is still unpaid by the end of May the membership will be reviewed at the next meeting of Directors, usually this is in June, when membership may be terminated.
7d A member wishing to resign must notify the Hon. Secretary in writing before 1st April.
8. Other regulations
8a Members persistently infringing any rule may, by order of the Directors, be deprived of the use of the Library for the current year.
8b The staff at Bromley House should feel comfortable and free from harassment or abuse. Any infringement of this right may result in immediate expulsion from the premises and termination of membership.
8c The staff are authorised to ask any person to leave the premises without having to provide a reason. Directors may terminate Library membership for any grounds they deem appropriate.
Rules and byelaws revised Jan 2014
Laptop and Internet Usage Policy
Bromley House Library provides wireless access to the Internet for members with laptops or other portable electronic devices. For readability the term ‘laptop’ includes portable electronic devices.
This is for the following purposes.
 Research
 Email
 Business use
We ask members to either use laptops with the sound muted, or otherwise to use earphones, with the volume low enough not to disturb other members.
Please note that we cannot guarantee access to the Internet, and also reserve the right to refuse access.
In using laptops, please be considerate to other users of the Library, many of whom consider Bromley House Library to be a haven from the encroach of technology into all aspects of life. Staff will advise on the use of laptops, and there may be occasions when their use is not considered appropriate.
It is preferable for members to use their laptops on battery power. This is both for reasons of electrical safety, and, because the nature of our building means that many of our sockets are not close to desks, to prevent anyone tripping over trailing cables. It is not acceptable to ask other members to move so that a power socket can be used.
The library does not currently provide laptops for the use of members.
Non Acceptable Internet Usage is as below:
 Any activity which violates copyright or software licence agreements.
 Any activity which seeks to gain unauthorised access to internal or external information systems, for whatever purpose.
 Using the Internet for any illegal activity, or for the purpose of libel, slander or harassment.
 Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may be reasonably construed to be obscene or offensive.
 Sending material which is intended or likely to cause annoyance or inconvenience to the recipient.
 Downloading of music and video, even if not copyright restricted.


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